Saturday, June 28, 2014

Selections Galore

Things are slowly moving along, in the right direction which is great!

Our house has gone to council; and eagerly await a response; hopefully towards the end of the week.

So far we have all our selections booked; We have done exterior colour's but the samples are on the way, so ill post them when we have them all together. Plus the side evaluations - which gives more of idea of depth and scope.

Tile's have been chosen - with help from our own Interior Designer - Lindi, supplied by the builder :) she's been great to work with; getting an outside opinion to bounce idea's off. Not to mention the assistance with the daunting choices to be made. As a man i fail at seeing the end result; i can read a floorplan but that's about it!

Tiles @ Italia Ceramic's
I need some more photos in better light, but you can get the idea

Grey tile - Portico
Earth gray (AL 3007/Matt) - Bathroom's/Laundry
Feature tile - inset into shower cubicles/above vanity
Speclked white tile - Main floor tile to be on the 'all' of the lower ground floor in 600x600mm
Possible Splash back tile - still deciding on glass splash-back or double height tile's. More pics below

Give's an idea of the 'face' on the tile

Choosing grout with Lindi

Happy wife with our chosen tiles

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