Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Conslabulations are in order

Was an early start for the boys, at 6am eight of them were on site waiting for the first of many (27x) trucks to bring the wet stuff. Like a military operation it was all very organized and planned out. As an outsider it looked that way, to them it was just another pour :)

We are very happy with the end result; looking forward to the next few weeks watching it cure. looks flat enough to play cricket on!

early start!


Disability friendly en-suite

Meanwhile as the pour continued on, the wife and i dug and leveled the tank base

adding another 4 dollars to the slab ;)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Cloudy with an orange raincoat

Site has been prepped; had a bit of rain today, but it should be clear for tomorrow's pour :) very excited to say the least; years of planning hopes and dreams and to come this far we feel very lucky.

Engineer made the call that we needed double the steel and more piers dug, and it was a frantic dash to find mesh this close to Christmas! fortunately our concrete guy found some and we are in business for a nice slab to sit there and cure over the break.

Plumber of course has been through, everything except for the sewer line has been sorted

Conduit run for shed
and front fence

We have a 22k rain water tank coming and i am preparing the base for it, digging down 300mm to have it sit as the same filled height as the house tank

Steel work arriving on site

Hard working strapping young men from Adelaide at 7am

Cables to be terminated under lower part of staircase

Fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow, bring the grey stuff and lots of it :P

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trenches, without the stalemate

Big day, lots of progress... happy owner :)

Team responsible for the slab was over today, getting trenches dug in time for the pour next week. Its a very exciting time to see ground broken, men at work and heavy equipment being used. OK its just digging up dirt but im super excited...

ill shut up now.. here's the pics!

site graded and flat

taking shape!
yes, i took a picture of the toliet

Plumbing tomorrow!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Flat Block

Has been rather slow since the demo, as it was completed about a week after they started; we now have a flat block ready for cutting :)

Area where garage will be sitting on boundry
We have just been organizing the underground cable runs; and sorting out the rain water system; together with ordering three tanks 2x 1k 1x 22k from maxiplas. The plan is to have the two smaller tanks act as a sump (for ease of cleaning) also feed from the roof and overflow. The larger tank will serve as a reserve and connected together with 32mm pipe. After alot of searching around for fittings and advice i found an irrigation shop in virginia  that has everything.

From the demo our bore's casing has been damaged; would be been when they tried to remove the concrete around it and its snapped the top 150mm off the casing. We are hoping recover it; to use it for the garden.

With a flat block i couldn't resist pacing out the house, and running out some builders string for my shed eventually. Little miss was on site with me as always

Had the dolamite dropped off for the tank base; but they put it in the wrong corner :D

Here's the base from the builder going in, basically little rocks and dirt to level out the block completely; we are going a little higher than what was suggested. Our area is remarkably flat; our streets have alot of spoondrains. So i was concerned for any flooding that could potentially happen, even in boring olde adelaide :)

Its a slow process: dump some dirt/ drive over it/ grade it with bobcat/ check/ check again etc..

Fingers crossed we have some trenching sorted this week, as mentioned ive got some power/ cat6/ 25mm + 32mm pvc pipes to run around the block, and i really dont want to dig it all out!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Demo Progress

Asbestos guys have been through and removed a whopping 232m2 of sheets from the house; pretty massive considering the real estate said there was none to be found when we bought it...

Poor fellas were just finishing off in 40degree heat, wearing the white space suits i'm used to wearing myself. The excavator has been dropped off and the house is now in a pile of crappy gypsum board and rusty nails. Its great to see some physical progress and what better with a nice big wrecking ball.

Sheep shearing station had better days
Dinning room now has a better view

Our mini-site supervisor used her super natural powers and blew the house over

Progress after this is looking good, we are on track for a slab christmas party