Saturday, October 11, 2014

Selections and waiting

Have been quite busy getting all the final selections, and backwards and forwards nature of all the variations to contract. To this i cant fault their team at all; ill admit it i'm relentless with lots of little details; and my wife is always asking the question - what about if we just get this part done, and not the whole thing... so there's lots of emails going to and fro to confirm a variation to the existing contract.

Little changes here and there, to get the house on budget; without compromising is hard. We had to reduce the size of the house by 900mm to make room for the bore we have on site; the guest bedroom was sitting on top of it. We plan to use the bore to top up the rain water tank during summer.

Selections of course take alot of time, they can be very stressful and lots of consideration to the big picture for what you actually want. Example to get the driveway on budget we had to choose aggregate for the driveway and front path; the side service was left just standard concrete just to save 3k.

Now that we have a final figure from the builder we are currently just waiting on the bank. Building approval has been completed; together with demolition approval. fingers crossed!

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