Thursday, September 1, 2016

We have Kitchen

Another busy month has gone by, with further works on electrical, eaves, carpentry and last bit of render work. It has been so refreshing to see trades on site everyday compared to this time last year. 

Inside works have been started with the 2nd fix plumbing underway, first as always is the waterproofing layer to go in:

Yet more area's under construction, ive sheeted up what i had spare lying around with more storage in the roofspace of the garage

 Door delivery arrived, and most of them are framed and installed with door hardware, carpenters have been very busy!

 I finished hanging my projector screen, with border, totals 3.2m across - slightly oversize for the room its going in

Testing some colour samples against the screen, the best so far has been a grey from Dulux called milton moon, im keen to try some darker colours next; have heard great things about black screen paint

Came home from work one day to find the kitchen and all the cabinets in, very happy wife got to see them shift all the vanities in.

The glass doors either side look fantastic, very happy with the choices we picked

Front door under construction, centre peice is WA Marri timber surrounded by American Ash, another awesome piece of work from our local furniture company down the road Scott's Custom Furniture

Stairs finally going in after originally being quoted years ago! took only one bloke to install and finish the whole thing

Landing is oversize, and the width of stair is just under a metre wide, should make for moving items up and down the stairs easier, plus storage under the stairs, plenty of room

Quick holiday to Pearl Beach with the family to keep us sane, getting closer to paint and tiling

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