Monday, December 22, 2014

Cloudy with an orange raincoat

Site has been prepped; had a bit of rain today, but it should be clear for tomorrow's pour :) very excited to say the least; years of planning hopes and dreams and to come this far we feel very lucky.

Engineer made the call that we needed double the steel and more piers dug, and it was a frantic dash to find mesh this close to Christmas! fortunately our concrete guy found some and we are in business for a nice slab to sit there and cure over the break.

Plumber of course has been through, everything except for the sewer line has been sorted

Conduit run for shed
and front fence

We have a 22k rain water tank coming and i am preparing the base for it, digging down 300mm to have it sit as the same filled height as the house tank

Steel work arriving on site

Hard working strapping young men from Adelaide at 7am

Cables to be terminated under lower part of staircase

Fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow, bring the grey stuff and lots of it :P

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