Sunday, December 14, 2014

Flat Block

Has been rather slow since the demo, as it was completed about a week after they started; we now have a flat block ready for cutting :)

Area where garage will be sitting on boundry
We have just been organizing the underground cable runs; and sorting out the rain water system; together with ordering three tanks 2x 1k 1x 22k from maxiplas. The plan is to have the two smaller tanks act as a sump (for ease of cleaning) also feed from the roof and overflow. The larger tank will serve as a reserve and connected together with 32mm pipe. After alot of searching around for fittings and advice i found an irrigation shop in virginia  that has everything.

From the demo our bore's casing has been damaged; would be been when they tried to remove the concrete around it and its snapped the top 150mm off the casing. We are hoping recover it; to use it for the garden.

With a flat block i couldn't resist pacing out the house, and running out some builders string for my shed eventually. Little miss was on site with me as always

Had the dolamite dropped off for the tank base; but they put it in the wrong corner :D

Here's the base from the builder going in, basically little rocks and dirt to level out the block completely; we are going a little higher than what was suggested. Our area is remarkably flat; our streets have alot of spoondrains. So i was concerned for any flooding that could potentially happen, even in boring olde adelaide :)

Its a slow process: dump some dirt/ drive over it/ grade it with bobcat/ check/ check again etc..

Fingers crossed we have some trenching sorted this week, as mentioned ive got some power/ cat6/ 25mm + 32mm pvc pipes to run around the block, and i really dont want to dig it all out!

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