Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bring on the Frame!

After weeks of delays; in April the carpenter was back and we had wood for the ground floor on site! i found it very hard to go to work knowing there was people on site trenching wood frames and shooting nails together. Within a week of work they had the bulk of the walls up, and a few days later the windows went in together with the stiffening sorted.

The house quickly began to take shape, and i found myself pacing up and down where from the laundry to the clothes line to get a feel for it. The wife was very happy to see something happening and the fact she could touch walls and get a feel for space. Even i was surprised at the size of the kitchen, pantry and ensuite!

All was going well as the windows went in, and the mid floor HySpan went up, it was great to see some light coming in where it will eventually be in our kitchen and lounge room. It was at this stage the Magdek was due to go on top of the floor truss; our contractor was on other jobs in Victoria; and it was a gruelling 3 weeks until we saw any more work on site. This product is also known as a Sip and doesn't require the floor truss to suspend the room above. As we wanted the cavity for air conditioning; cables, noise suppression and additional insulation it was only 70mm thick

Ive been on the roof already; and its amazing to see how study it is; together with the lack of clunking noise you hear from underneath. The contractor naturally raves about the product; its going to be interesting to see if we can hear any noise on completion with: insulation, drywall, yellowtounge and flooring down as well!

Termimesh has been installed ready for wall panels!
Home Theatre rack under the staircase
Meanwhile the wife and i have been busy with sourcing decking materials; picking curtains with our interior designer, couches, cutlery and our awesome dinning room table. We have finally chosen a company to build it from a very local (100m away) place: Scott's Custom Furniture. In total we have spent at least 10hrs looking for a builder for this table; it has been a journey but i hope its all worth it. Our timber is WA Marri and each piece is unique; so there's hardly a picture i can show similar. All i can say is that going to the timber yard, and actually picking out which piece you want in your table is alot of fun.

The gum veins really give it some character, and what attracted us to it was the different hue's in each piece. I wish the photos could do this timber some justice! Earl the owner is very excited to get started on this project, its great to find real professionals they love what they do. Plus supporting our locals and not just buying shite from hardly normal. 

Bring on the rest of the frame hopefully lock up before winter!

Marri timber further reading:
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