Monday, June 1, 2015

Up we go

Finally back underway! its great to see some solid progress moving along, now that the SIP's are down for the mid floor the top floor was able to start. Our chippies arrived and within two days the top floor frames were completed. The guys have been extremely flat out working for Precision Homes as well.

We are hoping to get the roof on this month; the builder updated me today with the news that the roof trusses should be started this week. All i can say is bring on the wall panels!

Further reading:
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starting to add to the street

Currently as the top floor stands, very hard to get a good wide angle photo of the rooms. 
The Mgo boards are sturdy, have no flex and are much cheaper than a concrete/hebel floor. We have noticed that it muffles the from above already. Limited 'clunking' normally heard in display homes.

End result will be: floating flooring -> yellow tongue -> mgo sip -> soundcheck 2.5 -> plastaboard 

So far its money well spent!  

weeds taking over my yard...firstworldprobelms

As a nice bonus, we have a 4G+ tower 300m away from our house, so one day when wireless data is cheap enough to be a home solution.
Until then i can hope and dream that the proper NBN will come down our street; not pretend fibretothenode

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