Friday, July 3, 2015

The esky is taking shape

Well haven't i been busy, and so have my tradies! since the framing was completed it was great to see the first lot of wall panels to arrive, even managed to get a snap of the first panel to go on.

I had my little assistant marking out the timber joists for future attachments to the wall. Id say that light items will be able to hang on the MgO panels but for strength you would want to go through to the timber. Meaning you need to mark out the joists and buy 150mm bugle head screws
The bulk of the lower floor wall panels went on in the first 3 days, smaller area's around windows and triangles on the roof area took another couple of days. They completed what they could with a ladder. These panels are around 80-100kg each, heavy considering  most of it made from graphite foam. The gaps so they tell me are normal and are finished off with fibreglass webbing ready for render.

We also had scaffolding underway, took the guys a day to unload and setup the props, then a further day to construct the frame around the house. It has been alot easier scooting around the frame planning additions for camera's and my Air-Stream mast.

Yesterday we took delivery of our stolen small window replacement, together with gas and electrical outdoor box - so hopefully we will see some more services planned this month. I'm really keen for them to get started on the roof and keep my ponds (wet area's) from overflowing.

During the month we received our first quote for curtains, and we were completely gobsmacked at the price, for the quote we got (30k+) celluar duette blinds, sheers and curtains. So there is a re-thought on that one too. Its a shame because if i knew it was going to cost that much for curtains (and all curtain places are always cagey about giving you ballpark prices) i would of just got the double glazing and put roller blinds on everything. However its a nice problem to have so we will most likely put in blockout curtains and sheers during the day.

Our pergola company came round for another measure and fortunately our quote is on budget for the pergola around the side and back together with the shed location. They still require one more visit before they can order anything and we hope to get this underway pretty soon after handover. Solar quotes have been coming in, and i've been confused to the wazoo about whom to go with, they all claim to the best at what they do. We are considering going with the cheapest and largest system and split one inverter off later to change to batteries as a hybrid system when they cost less than a small car.

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