Thursday, September 24, 2015

Grey Hairs

Yes, its been this long since we have had 'progress' on site. Have spent the last 2 months sending emails, phone call and complaining to get more on the house done. The biggest issue again was the external walling contractor. And as i hired a builder to manage the house its his problem to fix; To put simply the builder gave him too many chance's to rectify the problems we found. The contractor which i will happily name simply has too much work on; under-quoted on jobs and is extremely unreliable.
packed out paneling

The contractor in question is: Matt Callisto, from Bluestar Homes. The guy was always hard to track down, i ended up calling his supplier to contact me in which he didn't reply or even rock up when he was supposed to. I even had him openly lie to me on three occasions to when work was to be rectified and when he was going to be on site. Again this was the builders responsibly to chase him up, i personally believe we should of dumped his ass and got another walling contractor.

grey graphite 100mm panel on left

My biggest concern other than the fact he held my build up for three months this year, was when i found shortcuts taken. The two greatest problems were finishing around the windows and using smaller 75mm panels other than the 100mm panels that we requested. Even one window wasn't even attempted... Had the job been finished we would of rendered and wouldn't of found this until after the internal walls were underway.
Around the site there was more to find, which the builder and the renderer weren't impressed with, requiring further work. Panels not lined up correctly gaps and lots of area's under the eaves. His attitude to the build was very unprofessional; weeks between phone calls and even longer between site visits. I wouldn't use this guy to put up a dollhouse.

Fitment issues
Exposed barge board, due to incorrect cutting

"finished areas"

Tidy worksite from Matt Callisto

Of course this has brought about huge amounts of stress; As we are now well over the mid-august move in date... At this stage id say end of December or February move in. My wife and were getting close to considering a new builder as we lost faith in the paper trail i was making and simply no response from them. I ended up just walking into their office where they couldn't avoid me. This of course is what i would of expected from a large volume builder i just hope things can continue progressively now that we have just got the roof underway.

So yes the roof is now underway, and the roofers have done a fantastic job with the gutters and fascia. It was refreshing after such a delay of months of no trades to see six guys on my roof actually putting the first bit of colour on the house ;)

On a happy note, due to all this inactivity we have had our first tennant upstairs, with triplelets on the way.

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