Saturday, February 20, 2016

Words cannot....

What can i report on? since the last post what 3 months ago now

All we've got since then is delays, excuses, vandals, drama's unfolding, slackness, lies and more grey hairs. We have had 1st fix electrical completed, 1st fix plumbing completed, roofing 80% completed....

We were told that before Christmas the house would be at lock up and people would be continuing through the break. Of course since my last post my builder went silent didn't hear a thing from him until the 4th of Jan and even then it was just simply the trades will be back at work on the following week. No grievances given due to the vandals that visited the house numerous times; giving us yet more to worry about. Since then its been a painful struggle with the builder to get trades on site and finish work.

Again very disheartening when you drive past to see no one on site; has caused us considerable stress. I expected the vandals over Christmas break damaging our air con and graffiti on every window and wall. But i didn't expect to find cracks in the render already; more things that need attention let alone following what bullshit schedule they give us.

Looking back over the year there has been large periods of no work or one trade a week; simply no way to build a house in my opinion. Ive been planning this house for over 8 years and it has really shut me down knowing that there's simply no end in sight. If i had more time i would manage it myself get it done properly. Ive lost all confidence in building in general.

The only good news i can give you is our gyprock is planned for next week and we have constantly nagged our builder to get shit back on track; so i can only hope that we can get to lock up early this month.

I can understand that companies have dark periods; downturn in the economy effects my work as much as the rest of the country. However what i cant understand is how people can simply lie to you nor not inform you of issues. I can only hope that this is my lowest low

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