Thursday, November 19, 2015

Finally un-caged

Long time between posts; alot of progress but again it hasn't been without its fair share of emails, meetings, phone calls and nagging. You do feel at times like your having to carry the whip just to get people on site and get an answer so simple questions. As i look back on the previous post i still find it hard to believe that was when they were 'starting' the roof; i am updating my blog as they are now finishing it.

As those contractors finished the roof, it took further weeks of waiting to get others to start on external wall rendering, and even longer for eaves to be underway. Then finally the scaffolding could come down. All our friends feel for us and our struggle with our builder; endless delays and the news that not only we wouldn't be in for christmas, but we would miss the start of our daughters school and even the beginning of March is on the horizon. Most people wouldn't accept this; we have tried to be really patient and fortunately for the builder the trades and work on site has been nothing short of well done. It still doesn't feel great when we are now over one year from starting and still not at lockup as yet.

Base coat of render going on
First process was a primer to the magclad, then render, second finishing coat then paint

Bam! scaffolding is gone!

Actually starting to look like a house, services have started as well, air-con 1st fix completed and plumbers rough in is underway.

Mixer taps pretty much going everywhere, rain water hooked up to the laundry and all toilets

Side project ive been working on, roof access ladder rack, and a platform for my radio mast, very solid and super safe

Eventually we will get there, stay optimistic

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